Mike Roach

Michael Roach

Full-stack Developer · SysAdmin · Scuba Diving Instructor

Full-stack developer and solution architect with over 15 years of professional software and sysadmin experience. Driven to design, build, and deliver high quality solutions that solve real-world problems. Thrives when working with teams of enthusiastic, talented developers, and when working alone remotely or on site. Enjoys opportunities to mentor junior developers and learn from more senior developers. Loves meeting clients face-to-face to understand their needs and develop solutions in partnership. All-around critical-thinking problem solver. "Go ask Mike."

Native English speaker, intermediate Swedish speaker.
Authorised to work in the United States and European Union/EFTA.

Core Skills

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

15 years of web development. From hand-written HTML in Notepad to ASP, PHP, Perl CGI, ASP.NET MVC and Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails

4 years experience creating fast, clean, documented, multi-tenant Rails 4 and 5 applications. Backed by PostgreSQL, tested with RSpec, deployed with CircleCI. Constantly adapted development techniques to improve quality, performance, and keep up to date with latest technologies and best practices.

Elixir and Phoenix

New to the world of functional programming by way of Elixir and Phoenix. Highly enthusiastic for this application design philosophy that combines ease of development with high performance and stability.


5 years C# v2.0 - v4.5. Primarily with ASP.NET MVC, library code, SQL CLR, and console utilities. Use of IoC, advanced logging, templating, and markup rendering. Created an open source Rollbar client for .NET: RollbarSharp.

Microsoft SQL Server

10 years with versions 2000 - 2008 R2. Extensive experience creating and maintaining: normalised schema, views, procedures, user functions, and CLR objects for applications requiring heavy business logic in the database. Managing security, backups, performance monitoring, jobs.

Linux System Administration

Years of experience setting-up and administering on-site and cloud-based Linux servers for Apache, Nginx, SSL certs, Asterisk, Postfix, etc. Server setup and maintenance automation with Ansbile.
Varying degrees of experience with dozens of programming languages, frameworks, server technologies.
  • Bash and Perl utility scripting.
  • Reverse engineering, data conversion, mining, and migration.
  • High familiarity with macOS for personal and development.
  • Windows sysadmin from NT 4 up through 7/Server 2012. Setup AD domains, Exchange, security, updates, troubleshooting.

Relevant Experience

XING SE, Hamburg, Germany - 2017-Present

Ruby on Rails Tech Lead of Payment and Billing

Jungle Coders, Koh Tao, Thailand — 2016-2017

Senior Ruby on Rails developer, devops, and project manager at Jungle Coders based in Koh Tao, Thailand. Responsible for projects from spec through design, testing, delivery, and support. Evaluated prospective developers to find the perfect fits for our team. Setup and maintained production cloud servers for dozens of hosted apps. Designed and implemented standard practices for all developers such as using acceptance testing and CI.

Datatel Electrical and Communications, Perth, Australia — 2014-2015

Lead software engineer. Datatel relies heavily on technology to streamline data collection from a hundred field users and generating reports for government broadband installation contracts. Led a team of remote developers managing the home-grown PHP application and expanding its capabilities. Laid the groundwork for a rewrite of the system in Rails. Made heavy use of RSpec for specification testing to ensure top quality with the new platform. Left thorough documentation for the next developers.

Breuer & Co., Wakefield, MA, US — 2003-2013

Information systems company based near Boston with a 35 year history of delivering highly customised, secure, and robust enterprise data systems. Core markets in school administration, healthcare, and accounting.

Primary responsibility was the development of hosted multi-tenant applications. Secondary responsibility as network administrator and IT support for Windows and Linux servers, network infrastructure, and phone system.

Created dozens of desktop and web applications using VB, ASP, PHP, C#, ASP.NET, and Rails, backed by Microsoft SQL Server. Applications and modules were required to be generic but highly customisable to suit the needs of the 100+ clients. On such example was creating an online payment system that supported several payment providers, multiple currencies, and configurable fee structures.

Hosted data systems demand strict attention to performance and security. Setting-up new clients on the hosted data system platform requires extensive data migration with reverse engineering of current data systems. Many implementations involved an on-site visit to assist in client training.

MicroData Corporation, Topsfield MA, US — 2000-2001

Junior support staff at an IT consultancy. Built internal web-based applications for automation. Inventoried the parts warehouse. Hand-built and installed network and power distribution boxes. Setup and repaired workstations and servers on-site and at clients.


University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA — 2004-2005

Completed one year of MIS courses before returning to full-time employment.


I'm a lifelong gadget and video game nerd and all that entails. I've been an avid traveler my whole adult life. I discovered a love for scuba diving and became an instructor for a year in Thailand. I'm a foodie. I love to cook and love to eat. Native English speaker and intermediate Swedish speaker.