• RollbarSharp updated to 0.3.0

    The new release adds two bits of missing functionality.

    Session data

    Data from the Session object is now added to reports. Data is described/stringified as best we can, with non-value types being reported with their type name, hash code, and .ToString() value.

    Param scrubbing

    Sensitive paramter values are now scrubbed. Each character is replaced with an asterisk. By default, any parameter in the following list will be scrubbed:

    password password_confirmation confirm_password secret secret_token creditcard credit_card credit_card_number card_number ccnum cc_number

    You can override this list by setting the Rollbar.ScrubParams configuration option.

    View RollbarSharp on GitHub

  • Mossy is Born!

    Faced with having to script out schema and objects from a SQL Server database, the only option was using SMO. That’s a Windows-only solution that has some known bugs and performance problems. Using the management views in SQL Server you can script everything out yourself. So I created mossy to do that in Ruby. It can script out a whole database in under 15 queries and depending on the size of modules, should only takes a few seconds.

    View mossy on GitHub

  • Gardener for Visual Studio

    I like the vim theme gardener so I ported it to Visual Studio.